Church Business Attorneys

Eric O. Moody & Associates has been representing churches in various legal matters in the Hampton Roads area for more than 35 years. 

Bank Financing & Construction Loans

Whether you are renovating your Church building, expanding into an additional facility, or purchasing land for the construction of a new facility, Moody & Associates can answer your questions and help guide you through the complex process, from loan application to settlement.

Church Charters and By-Laws

The Church Charter is an important first step in answering the call to start your Church. Moody & Associates can draft and finalize this document in order to establish your Church as a legal entity. In addition, we can help with the preparation of By-Laws to avoid costly litigation in the future.

Recognition of Officers

Establishing a properly functioning governing body is an integral part of your Church.  Moody & Associates will take the necessary steps to make sure that your trustees and officers are recognized by the court in your appropriate jurisdiction.  We prepare all necessary petitions, decrees, and exhibits that will allow your church to fully comply with all applicable laws.

Church Lawsuits

Recently, church lawsuits have seen a dramatic increase, and larger churches often have a greater risk of litigation.  No matter what the size of your church, Moody & Associates can represent you in property, governance, and employment matters.  We have successfully represented churches to ensure their continuity and protect the efforts to carry out their mission.

Additionally, Eric O. Moody & Associates is available to present free Estate Planning Seminars to you and your church body!  Contact Eric O. Moody & Associates for more information.

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